Part No. #A9103

Description :
Rust-Nil is a true multi-purpose lubricant for maintenance and engineering professionals requiring a single-can, quick fix solution to common problems.

Rust-Nil Displaces Moisture :
It contains active ingredients which rapidly displaces moisture and eliminates damp induced faults on ignition circuits.

Rust-Nil Protects Against Rust :
It provides excellent corrosion protection of metal parts and components, repelling atmospheric moisture and inhibiting flash-rusting.

Rust-Nil Lubricates :
It keeps moving parts working smoothly and efficiently, eliminating stick-slip and improving operational efficiency. Does not contain silicon.

Rust-Nil Penetrates & Releases :
It rapidly penetrates and release seized, corroded and over-tightened fasteners, leaving a fine lubricating film for ease of reassembly and future protection.

Application Areas :
Rust-Nil is a true multi-purpose lubricant, ideal as a quick-fix/instant solution for professional engineers. It displaces moisture, protects against corrosion, penetrates into seized fasteners or machine elements like door locks, hinges, bolts, bushing, Cranks, Linkages, Valves, Slide rails, Cable pulls, Shaft etc. Lubricates sliding surfaces, and cleans away grime.

Precautions :
Can is under high pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate it even when apparently empty. Store below 50℃ . Use in well ventilated areas. Do not spray into or around open flames and sparks. Exposure to heat, which exceeds 120℃, may cause busting of the can. Keep out of reach of children.

Storage & Shelf Life :
The product may be stored at normal ambient temperature and has a shelf life of not less 2 years with correct storage. Aerosol should always be stored below 50℃, away from direct heat and naked flame.

Technical Service :
AARNA LUBE PVT LTD. provides technical support under the program of research and development. For any enquiry contact us at details provided below.

Packing :
300gm/500 ml, Aerosol Cans.

Technical Data
Appearance Light Pale yellow liquid oil
Odour Tradional engineering oil
Specific Gravity at 20℃ 0.807
SolubiltyInsoluble in water
Flash Point 62℃
Electircal Conductivity Non-conducve
Direction of Use
  1. De-energise equipment, ensure good ventilation and use appropriate PPE.
  2. Shake can well for a few seconds.
  3. Apply to surface from a distance of 25 cm.
  4. Allow the solvent to dissipate before re-energising equipment for at least 10 minutes.

Disclaimer: Information in this literature is to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate. However, since condions under products may be used are beyond our control, recommendation are made without warranty or guarantee.

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