Gas Pre Heater (GAVO)/Air Pre Heater (LUVO)

  • Application
  • Heat exchanger/oil-lubricated supporting bearing
  • Grease lubricated plain bearings as axial plain thrust bearing grease lubricated plain bearings as radial guide bearing
  • Grease lubricated rolling bearing as radial guide bearing
  • Rolling bearing at hydraulic adjustable fan reeds /rolling bearing of the induced draught fan /rolling bearing of the forced-draft fan
  • Labyrinth seals
  • Products
  • Extra Gear 1500
  • G. A Plex 20.200/2
  • G. Beslux Komplex M-1
  • G. Beslux Komplex ALFA II
    G.Besluxplex NA M 2/BM
  • G. Beslux Bessil EH-3


Valves and Fittings/Blade

  • Application
  • Screw connections/sliding areas/compressor blades /guiding wheel adjustment
  • Hot wheels bearing, deep groove ball bearing/hot steam core slide, threaded spindle
    (spindle:steal / nut: bronze)
  • Products
  • G.Beslux Tribopaste L-2/3 S
    G.Beslux Anti Seize Paste-2
  • G.Beslux Komplex HT-2/S
    G.Beslux Fluor H-2


Soot Reinjector

  • Application
  • Steering racks at soot reinjectors /spindle at spiral-soot reinjectors
  • Worm gears
  • Electric motor bearings
  • Products
  • Beslux Cadenas
  • Beslux Sincart 460 W
  • Komplex Alfa-II

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