Food Grade Lubricants Supplier in India

We are a reputed and reliable brand in Lubricants. We supply food grade lubricants USDA H-1 Class and Food Grade Lubricant. A USDA H-2 .H-1 Class lubricant includes oil as a lubricant for ball bearings, Fan, Screw compressor, etc. An H2 Class lubricant includes greases especially the highly efficient lithium grease. Our Food Grade Lubricants are widely used in food processing units. They offer proper thermal stability, oxidation stability and hydrolytic stability. Moreover, they are incorporated with water resistant properties and fine load bearing capacity. And, we as Food Grade Lubricants supplier in India assure exceptional performance and durable equipments protection with the automatic Food Grade Lubricants.
Food Grade Lubricants is high performance adaptable lubricants for the food processing business. Food Grade Lubricants used in various food processing equipment and other industrial equipments. Food Grade Oil complies with food, health and safety regulations, tasteless, odorless and globally accepted.
Food Grade Lubricants, usually safe to eat oils, used to avoid rust on fasteners, trolleys and related equipment.

Food is very often transferred in a food production plant using chains and conveyors. As these chains are exposed to water, cleansing agents and high temperatures of different variations, it is extremely important to select the right product. Food Grade Lubricants is such a product that we offer. Fully synthetic Food Grade Lubricants contains characteristics that make it exceptionally convenient for the lubrication of drive chains and conveyor chains, gearboxes and reduction units. Food Grade Lubricants contains special additives that extend lubrication intervals significantly. Food Grade Lubricants is completely free of mineral components. Food Grade Lubricants can be used in incidental contact with food and raw materials.

We are engaged in supplying Food Grade Lubricants, to meet the requirements in the Food-processing and Pharmaceutical Industry. Food Grade Lubricants are required to be compliant with food regulations, either HACCP or GMP.We began with the aim of being better than the best. In the years since then, we have become synonymous with high quality specialty Food Grade Lubricants. Themaintenance, repairs and operation products have won us loyalty across India.

Applications within the food & drug industry have strict requirements specifically pertaining to Food Grade Lubricants. Our lubricants are completely well-matched with food processing machinery and materials.They do not pose any health related threats and uncertainties through direct or accidental contact with food products. Food Grade Lubricants arealso physiologically static, unflavored, and odorless and NSF H-1 approved.Our Food Grade Lubricants perform the same technical functions as with any other lubricant. We are involved in offering a wide assortment of Food Grade Lubricants to our most valued regulars. Our range of these lubricants is extensively appreciated by our patrons. Provided Food Grade Lubricants are made by making use of top quality materials and inventive techniques. In addition to this, we offer these lubricants at most affordable prices to our respected clients.