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Application Products
Priming lubricant for girth gear G.Beslux Crown H-1/R
Running in lub. For girth gear G.Beslux Crown H-00 R
Operational Lubricant G.Beslux Crown H-1000
G.Beslux Crown H-1000
G.Beslux Crown H-3000
Roller Press Bearing Grease G.Beslux Plex EH 1/G
Grease for large radial seals of slide shoe bearing Beslux Alco M-2
HLP oils (Diff. ISO VG grades) Fluid drive HM 32/46/68
CLP oil (Diff. ISO VG) Beslux Gear XP
Lithium base grease K2K-20 G.Aguila N. 80
Lithium base grease K3K-20 G.Aguila N 95
Application Products
Lithium base G.A Nr. 850 EP 00
HT Bearing grease K2P-20 Lithium base G.A Plex-2
HT Bearing grease K2P-20 Organic polymer base B.Beslux Komplex M 2/1
Lub oil Synthetic base PG in various ISO VG Beslux Sincart W
Kiln Tyre lubrication Separator bearings Beslux Grafol 320
FLS G.Beslux Plex EH 1/G
Krupp G.Beslux Liplex M-1-2/S
Fan and Motor bearing grease Komplex ALFA -II
Beslux Plex NA M-2/BM

Industrial grease, Open Gear Lubricant , Roller press bearing grease , Hydraulic oils,
Gear oils, Synthetic oils, Compressor oils

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Aarna Lube Private Limited is leading suppliers of Specialty Lubricants and Automatic lubricator. These are known for reducing wear and tear, alleviating friction and enhancing the functioning of machine's components.

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